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Built for Family, by Family

Park Square Homes is one of Central Florida’s premier residential and resort homebuilders. For nearly 40 years, our communities have enriched and improved the quality of life in Central Florida.

We are a recognized leader in the planning, design, development and sales of residential and resort homes in Central Florida. From the start, our goal has been to build every home with the highest quality products, attention to detail and exceptional customer service while consistently delivering value to the homeowner.

Integrity, community and collaboration are the founding principles of Park Square Homes. We uphold our commitment to building quality homes and creating the most livable communities in Florida. Our talented and highly knowledgeable team collaborates with a network of trusted partners to achieve our ultimate goal: setting the standard of exceptional homes that create closer communities and establish stronger relationships.

A Park Square Home is the foundation for what matters most to our homeowners: time well spent with family and friends.

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Charter of Park Square

We, the owners, officers, employees, and advisory board of Park Square Enterprises, Inc., in order to define the direction, attributes, and attitudes of the company, agree and declare this charter. By declaring this charter, we validate its content and the intent of our task and principles.

We agree that our purpose is to enrich lives. In realizing this purpose, we seek the understanding that each and every stakeholder, within the company and outside the company, is better off, or enriched, upon dealing with us. This enrichment is self-expressed in our attitude, our communication, our product and our belief system. In our actions, words, and deeds, we declare to always be friendly, trustworthy, honest, respectful, loyal, and complete in all our dealings. We live these distinctions through our core values.

We govern our business, both as a company and as individuals, with entrepreneurial spirit. We operate our individual positions, departments, and overall company with sound business principles, along with a keen eye to the bottom line. We seize all initiatives to capitalize on the possibilities before us. With this spirit, we guard the customer and promote the breakthrough customer experience, for we acknowledge this as the right thing to do.

We treat our customers and our stakeholders with the utmost respect. We honor the dignity of the human spirit with courteous behavior, complete communication, and respect in all dealings.

We generate environments of honor and integrity. The fulfillment of this commitment is foremost in forming the cornerstone of our operating philosophy. We can be trusting in work and action. When confronted with a challenge, we are inspired by the opportunity to be who we say we are.

We strive for continuous improvement. It is our conviction that this is the basis for growth and breakthrough opportunities which promote the fulfillment of lives enriched. This generates our deep passion for constant transformation, both individually and corporately.

We experience the rewards and fulfillment of working hard while keeping it fun. We celebrate the joy of success while “playing full out” in a challenging team environment. We enjoy this work ethic in harmony with our physical being, intellectual being, and our spiritual being. We hold these values in high regard individually and with our families, at work and at home.

In making this charter, we, and all that will precede us, hold this mission and these principles as the core of our existence. We further acknowledge that we must steward and protect these declarations and assure that their continued presence is evident in the daily operations of Park Square Enterprises, Inc. This is who we are and what we stand for!

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Contact us in confidence. Park Square Homes respects your privacy and, as such, all information here will be kept strictly confidential. We will only keep the information that’s necessary to contact you.